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Anti-static canvas shoes

1 accumulation of static electricity, ESD shoes is to eliminate the human body and can prevent 250V current shock protection shoes, this product refer to GB4385-1995 standard.

2 and main applies Yu for prevent for human with electrostatic and may caused burning, and explosion, all exists electrostatic against of places (as oil, and chemical, and coal mine, and printing, and rubber, and medical, and purification, and electronic, production enterprise of job site) 3, and electrostatic shoes and conductive shoes in wear available not should while wear insulation of wool thick socks and the insulation of insoles, ban electrostatic shoes Dang insulation shoes using.

4 places, use anti-static shoes should be anti-static ground, use conductive footwear sites should be conductive to the ground.

5 anti-static shoes should be used with the static clothing, pay attention to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof products.

6 wear process is generally not more than 200 hours resistance test should be carried out in time, if the resistance is not within the specified range, you cannot use as a static shoes.