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Folding and maintenance methods for Vulcanized shoes

One, Regular cleaning shoes, uppers when dirty, dipped in water or detergents with a soft cloth, gently wipe, hard brush do not use a brush.

Two, leather shoes Polish to keep the leather toughness.

Third, no bleach when cleaning.

Four, to avoid water seepage, exposure and fire; after washing out of direct sunlight to prevent aging, deformation, discoloration and surface fracture.

Five, to avoid sharp objects, chemical exposure.

Six, maintaining more than two pairs of shoes that can be replaced, let shoes turn rest.

Seven, pay attention to shoes special, casual shoes, sandals should not do vigorous exercise, indoor sports shoes should not be to intense outdoor sports.

When he was eight, use, avoid contact with oil or other corrosive chemicals at the end of, if contaminated, immediately flush with water.

Nine, lace/the magic belt is not too tight, to foot activity is appropriate, otherwise it will affect the comfort level.

Ten, when not wearing, remove insoles and shoes in a dry and ventilated place, easy to shoe distribution of heat, restitution.

Third, try to avoid crushing, keep shoes in the original condition and not changed.

12, when not in use for a long time, need to wash and dry, paper package is stored in a dry place.

13, to avoid high temperature bake, flooding in the case of paper towels in the shoes, sucking up moisture and humidity, placement of ventilated place to dry.