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About Synthetic Rubber Production Technology

Synthetic rubber production process can be divided into monomer synthesis and purification, polymerization processes as well as after the three parts (rubber manufacturers)

Monomer production and refining

Raw materials of synthetic rubber is single, refined methods commonly used are distillation, washing, drying, and so on.

Polymerization process

Monomer in polymerization process initiator and catalyst for polymerization of polymer processes. An aggregate device is sometimes used, sometimes more than one series. Polymerization of synthetic rubber mainly used emulsion polymerization and solution polymerization of two. Nowadays, by emulsion polymerization of styrene-butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, Ding Bing rubber, butyl rubber, and so on.

Post processing

Post process after polymerization of materials (latex or rubber solution), the removal of unreacted monomers, condensed, dewatering, drying and packaging steps, finally get finished rubber process. The coagulation process of emulsion polymerization using polymer added electrolytes or coagulant, destroy LaTeX rubber surface. Solution polymerization of the coagulation process mainly water condensate. After condensation precipitation of colloidal particles, contain a lot of water, required dehydration, dry.