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Analysis Of Influencing Factors On Comfort Of Shoe Last Of Vulcanized Shoes

              Shoe last plantar circumference and basic width: The human toe joint is the most frequent activity of the foot, the most active range of the joint, at the same time it bears the weight and the activity of the load, is the most wide part of the foot. Plantar circumference is the circumference of one weeks of plantar joint. The basic width refers to the width of the first plantar toe and the fifth plantar toe. The plantar circumference and the basic width of the shoe last are two key data of the last body, they are one of the most important factors affecting the comfort of finished vulcanized shoes. When the heel of the shoe is too large, the foot will move in the shoe, which is not conducive to walking. The plantar circumference is too small, will cause the foot to squeeze, produces the uncomfortable feeling; when the heel of the shoe last is fixed, the basic width of the shoe is too wide, then the shoes must be flat and thin, feet in the shoes inside, outside the ankle direction, easy to make shoes deformation, wearing uncomfortable; the basic width of the shoe last is too narrow, then the shoes will be narrow and thick, the shoes can pinch feet, affecting comfort.Vulcanized shoes

              Followed by an arc: the heel of the human foot has a certain radian, so the heel of the shoe last should also have a certain radian, the rear arc should be consistent with the foot type basically. The main control factor of the rear arc is the rear arc point and the later tolerance. After the tolerance is small, into the shoe card feet, grinding feet, after the large, easy to cause the shoe is not the heel situation, and easy to create "sit help" problem.Vulcanized shoes

              Tarsal Wai: The tarsal circumference of a person's foot is the circumference of the tarsal bone of the foot and the one-week recess of the arch, and the size of the last tarsal circumference has a greater effect on the comfort of the shoe. Too big for the hock, vulcanized shoes can not very well hold the arch, and affect the feet of the shoe, especially for high heels is easy to produce to make the foot forward phenomenon; The hock is too small, not only to feel the feet in the shoes there is no room for activity, but also pressure foot to produce a sense of pain.

              Before and after the seesaw: The former is the foot in the state without bearing the freedom, a certain angle formed by the toe and the soles of the feet. The height at which the heel is padded. The front too low will cause premature wear in the front of the shoe, to help the face of pleated grinding feet, before too high will cause the forefoot convex through the big, in the wear caused by discomfort, even lead to the foot of the arch to stay. After the crossing will cause the body center of gravity change, after the high, then the center of gravity to move the weight of the joint burden of the human body increased, easy to cause hallux valgus lesions; Will make the heel part of the burden too large, caused by heel pain and other symptoms. The front and rear of the shoe last are dependent, usually decreasing or decreasing before the first cut.Vulcanized shoes

              Head thickness: Refers to the height of the last toe. If the head of the last thickness is too small, will be crushed toe toe, especially the leather shoes with hard Baotou is more obvious. If the head of the shoe is too big, then the foot of the thumb is too large, resulting in the foot, and the head thickness is too large finished vulcanized shoes to reduce the beauty of.Vulcanized shoes