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Analysis Of The Professional Angle Of Vulcanized Shoes

Vulcanized shoes, to rubber, fabric or leather for the surface, rubber as the base material, with paste, molding or injection molding, and then in a certain temperature and pressure vulcanization, give the upper, sole high-strength and high elasticity, and make the two firmly together, so called vulcanized shoes. The use of vulcanized leather shoes and vulcanized shoes are known.Vulcanized shoes

vulcanized soles are vulcanized rubber, after vulcanization of this step is not easy to crack, good elasticity, heat resistance, rubber products are now basically this kind of rubber, also known as ripe rubber, collectively rubber or gum. A vulcanized shoe is a sport-laid-back shoe made of "vulcanization", which is connected with the soles and uppers in a sulphur-adding manner (in order to enhance elasticity, hardness, the rubber to sulfur treatment of vulcanized shoes in the soles of the rubber plus sulphur treatment to increase the elasticity of rubber and hardness, that is, after vulcanization treatment, not only canvas shoes, The vulcanization process was first invented in 1960.Vulcanized shoes Because the original natural rubber products with sulfur as cross-linking agent for the name, with the development of the rubber industry, can now be used in a variety of non-sulfur crosslinking agent for cross-linking. Therefore, the more scientific significance of vulcanization should be "crosslinking" or "bridging", that is, the linear polymer through the cross-linking effect of the formation of the network of polymer process. It is the process of converting plastic rubber into elastic rubber or hard rubber from physical property. The meaning of "vulcanization" includes not only the actual crosslinking process, but also the method of producing cross-linking.Vulcanized shoes

vulcanization Induction period (Coke burning time) within the cross-linking has not yet begun, rubber material has a good fluidity. This stage determines the Coke burning property and processing safety of the compound. At the end of this phase, the glue starts to cross and loses its fluidity. The length of vulcanization induction period is related to the nature of the raw rubber itself, depending on the additive used, such as delaying promoter can get longer scorch time and higher processing safety.Vulcanized shoes