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Canvas Shoes Dirty To Do, I Very Bold Tell You

Hot weather, a big wave of "canvas shoes control" to attack, dirty canvas shoes should how to clean? So don't worry, there is a coup below!

Cleaning methods of canvas shoes

1, prepare dirty canvas shoes, remove shoelaces, unlock the ears as much as possible exposing the uppers and the tongue, so that more easily clean sneakers.

2, Canvas Shoes separate cleaning shoelaces, shoes are relatively small and susceptible to contamination, so to wash separately.

3, Canvas Shoes in the sink with cold water to rinse shoes (not hot water, because the hot water can easily lead to dirt into the canvas, resulting in color retreat and damage to the beauty of uppers)

4, Canvas Shoes use the amount of baking soda and white vinegar to pour into a cup or plastic bowl mixing 2:3 to form a paste (do not use a metal bowl or spoon stir lest chemical reactions)

5, Canvas Shoes wipe the paste on the shoe, with a clean toothbrush or nails on some homemade detergent, then scrub the uppers, cleaning each test, especially the dirty parts. This helps to solve the problem of yellowing of canvas uppers.

6, Canvas Shoes with the harmonic paste after cleaning, and then use the ordinary cleaning agent to clean again, the end of the shoes on the water roughly dried, put in a cool place to air-dry, preferably in the dry time to cover a layer of toilet paper, to prevent the uppers from yellowing.

How to wash leather shoes?

1, leather canvas shoes can not be washed soaked, but the general degree of dirty we can wipe the uppers with water.

2, water can not completely remove stains, we can use the water stained towels plus a little cleaner to wipe the uppers, and then use the towel stained with water to wipe the shoes clean.

3, leather canvas shoe wear long after, in the cortex crease prone to accumulate dirt, so we can paint a little toothpaste in these places and then wipe with a towel, and then the first method.

4, clean up the shoes we use toilet paper to put the shoe bread in the shade to air-dry.

Cleaning and maintenance principle of leather shoe canvas

1, must not wash, because the leather cloth shoes after washing the cortex will harden, make wearing very uncomfortable, serious also cracking.

2, after cleaning must not be exposed, otherwise will damage the uppers.

3, can not let the leather canvas shoes exposed to acid-alkali corrosive substances.

4, can not let the leather canvas shoes in the cold overheating environment, otherwise will accelerate its aging.

Cleaning principle and maintenance of canvas shoe

1, different colors of shoes to be cleaned separately.

2, for white canvas shoes, do not contact with carbon ink and other items.

3, scrub the shoe uppers when, pay attention to the strength, not to brush hurt uppers.

4, after washing to naturally air-dry, not put in the scorching sun exposure or high temperature baking to prevent gum or degumming accelerated aging.

5, do not use washing machine cleaning canvas shoes, lest damage the shoe body.

6, cleaning agent should also be fastidious, not use washing powder, soap cleaning canvas shoes, because they can easily fade, yellow cloth shoes.

7, avoid and sharp sharp objects contact. To avoid scratches on the shoe uppers.

8, for Khan Yan heavy friends. In front of shoes can be sprayed in the first point of vinegar, can reduce the smell, the other canvas shoe should be cleaned regularly to prevent moldy and smelly.

9, the shoe has appeared disconnection, drop line or decoration parts loose and other minor defects should be promptly sent to repair. To prolong its service life.