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Canvas Shoes Lacing Method

              Lacing Method 1, both hands out of the index finger and thumb, left hand clockwise, right hand down the clock, respectively, with two fingers around the circle. Relative to the left hand, the index finger, respectively, to hold the other arm of the belt, two hands a pull-success. 2, use both thumb and forefinger in the same direction to prop up the shoelace, and then the thumb and forefinger to pinch the other hand propped up the shoelace, in the opposite direction force pull. 3, with both hands on both sides of the shoelace, both hands of the thumb and forefinger open, the other fingers pinch up on both sides of the shoelace, and then the two to cross a pull, came out. 4, that is, the shoelace first hit an X-type common knot, that is, the first binding. Then hold the two ends of the line, each half back to pinch, to play an X-type ordinary knot, so it became. Because it is a double strand, it looks like a butterfly when it is loose 5. The style of the bow of the shoelace came out. Note: Shoelaces to be based on the occasion to the Department, in the exercise of the relatively tight is not easy to loose, in the leisure to fasten the relatively comfortable, do not press to the foot;Canvas Shoes

              Canvas shoes with jeans, relaxed and free, comfortable and simple, is the eternal truth. How to say, can only say jeans and canvas shoes is like fish and water, and in the jeans of the grasshopper-like popularity of today, I except occasionally with the board of shoes to find no substitute for canvas shoes. and canvas shoes give you increased affinity and randomness.Canvas Shoes

             Canvas Shoes adapt to various occasions to wear, work, travel, sports, will be one of the best choice. Wearing a pair of lively, playful, colorful canvas casual shoes, easy to walk in the grain fragrance, maple leaf gradually red surrounded by nature, it is very wonderful to enjoy.Canvas Shoes