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Cartoon Animal Slippers Remove Odor

Cartoon Animal slippers Eight kinds of smell method:

1. cartoon animal slippers With cotton dipped in some alcohol into the shoe, after a night, alcohol evaporates, the smell can be cleared, the next day to wear.

2. cartoon animal slippers If your shoes do not wear and put in the shoe cabinet, you can put a piece of soap next to the effect of deodorant.

3. cartoon animal slippers With glass stockings wrapped in some dried tea, stuffed into sneakers, with clean, disinfection and volatile smell.

4. cartoon animal slippers Every night before bedtime, the lime powder into a cloth bag, put into the shoe moisture. Lime bags can also kill the bacteria inside the shoe, can play a certain removal of shoe odor function, can be used repeatedly.

5. cartoon animal slippers A spray of similar deodorant can be purchased on the market and spray in the shoe every day to relieve the shoe odor.

6. cartoon animal slippers Alum also has deodorant utility, and can sprinkle some alum powder into the shoe. (The general Western medicine Room has the sale)

7. cartoon animal slippers With a slightly stiff paper, put the moth balls wrapped up in the shoe, or moth balls milling, and then sprinkle the powder evenly inside the shoe. Put on the insole, a pair of shoes as long as about a moth balls can be. This can keep the shoe dry and remove the shoe odor. Moth Balls has a good antibacterial effect, but also kills bacteria that are heavily propagated by damp.

8. cartoon animal slippers A simple way is to sprinkle some salt in the shoe, which can absorb sweat and deodorant. (But clean up a little bit more troublesome)