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Indoor Slippers Shopping Secret Recruit

           1, material identification: From the current market on the Slipper material, nothing more than sheepskin, cowhide, synthetic leather, plastic, rubber, yarn cloth and so on several, leather slippers can absorb sweat, heat insulation and comfort, wear the time of some synthetic leather slippers than leather slippers to some, plastic slippers light, cheap, but not sweat, breathable is not good;Indoor Slippers

           2, external quality inspection: Any material slippers, in the same double on the front and back to help the thickness, fineness, color of the depth to be consistent, no crack surface, shell, stain stains and so on. In addition, the upper of the Slipper is not high not low, to the ankle bone as the standard;

           3, work inspection: Help the sewing and the bottom line is neat, help the bottom must be firm;

           4, the size is appropriate: Do not buy wear tight shoes, especially the girl should buy the big first shoes, lest the shoes will be too full, give people a more bloated feeling. If it is a pointed shoe, the big toe should leave with the shoe head has 1 centimeters allowance;Indoor Slippers

           5, the style is suitable: if is flat foot, then may choose the bottom has the certain radian high, the heel slipper, the shoelace best in the instep middle part, especially in this cross shoelace, can help to produce the visual effect of raising the instep; a girl with a high instep is fit to wear any type of slipper, especially a pair of slippers worn at the top of the instep or around the ankle strap, and the graceful lines will make your feet look beautiful;Indoor Slippers

           6, buy thick bottom strap slippers should choose a little larger, otherwise wear too tight words will have a feeling of bundling, and if the choice heel and the front of the boat-shaped slipper, should choose just right or slightly smaller, otherwise wear a period of time will be due to loose and not to the heel;

           7, try to wear before the empty-style slippers, avoid too tight or too loose. Middle and low heel slipper slippers are not suitable for people with heavier body size and thicker legs.