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Indoor Slippers Should Be Noted When Buying

Shoes are usually differentiated. The tropical countries, in outdoor wear slippers is quite common, many people working in the streets, work dress and ultimately a pair of slippers. Most restaurants will not be allowed to wear slippers into the inside. Some of the coastal tourist attractions are also common to sell slippers, so some high-level restaurants, clothing stores or department stores, will be posted on the shop "ban on slippers into the slogan" slogan.Indoor Slippers

Anti-static slippers / sandals with static dissipation material PU (polyurethane) production soles. Introduced kinematics and physiology based HAD system, the body is light and soft, comfortable and breathable, long wear is not easy fatigue. Suitable for use in static-sensitive areas, the use of: require clean production workshop. Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic CRT manufacturing industry.Indoor Slippers Did you know that? A pair of slippers quality is good or bad, directly related to people's health plan, so when buying slippers, the following three points must pay attention: one to fit. Slippers too loose, walking will be procrastinating, resulting in feet fatigue; slippers too tight, may squeeze the bones, resulting in foot discomfort. Two to be light. Best choice of cloth slippers. Cloth slippers are light, soft, breathable and good. Three to the sole thicker. Slippers followed by the best height of about 2 cm, so that the weight load as far as possible to the arch of the fulcrum dispersed to reduce the pressure to withstand the arch. Do not wear flat or no with the slippers, because of this shoe soles shorter, changing the body's posture, the foot will be due to improper load and discomfort.Indoor Slippers

Appearance quality inspection: any material slippers, in the same pair of before and after the help thick, fine, the depth of the color to be consistent, no crack surface, from the shell, stains and other stains and so on. In addition, the slippers of the upper is best not high is not low, to not card ankle as the standard; work inspection: to help face the needle and thread and help the bottom line is neat, to help the bottom must be strong; size appropriate: do not buy too tight Shoes, especially the foot of the fat girl should buy a large number of shoes, so as not to get the shoes over full, giving a more bloated feeling. If it is pointed shoes, big toes should be left with the head 1 cm margin;Indoor Slippers