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Leading International Footwear Market

As the footwear market competition intensified, both the domestic market and in the foreign market, the current situation has witnessed many shoe multifaceted one intense scene, as the traditional labor-intensive enterprises, shoe enterprises core competitiveness is to improve product quality, and only the excellent quality of the products can be based on a position in the international market.

Design and development of the enterprise's competitiveness. In today's market, stronger the independent research and development ability of enterprise, more the core competitiveness. There are numerous "famous no" small shoe enterprises, most of which is the low end of the market, product market is also three or four cities in the low-end market, in such a situation, the shoe might be useful for future development. For such enterprises must be taken independently researched, a shoe factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, extending their bags of fabric for clothing, vulcanized shoes device, also add sequin design. Enterprise and the United States a sequin shoes fashion brands, with beautiful and unique shape has won many United States young people's favorite.

It is worth mentioning that, shoe products from materials selection to design to development of proof borne by the enterprise, due to reflect more "own elements" this shoe profits 5% higher than the brands processing.

Single common small single constantly refers to enterprises in order to improve their ability to survive, it should be enough from the strategy. Each month and each quarter should have a high volume of orders, while smaller orders with a number of challenges, but more profitable, to upgrade their production and management level.

By smaller orders, the workers are exposed, mastered a variety of shoe-making techniques, management also learnt scientific and effective co-ordination of the production. Meanwhile, through equipment replacement upgrade, train employees on a regular basis, adjusting the formula, sends designers to large factory Exchange means, businesses gain experience, to open eyes, the rapidly improving quality of products.

Vagaries of global economy, export-oriented shoe in an uncertain market situation, rolled out a series of effective new measures and contains detailed explanations of the basic usage of this is the way to survive