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Painted Canvas Shoes

              Painted canvas shoes are also called graffiti shoes, hand-painted shoes, DIY canvas shoe. Paint a variety of patterns on pure canvas shoes to increase the beauty and value of your shoes. In recent years, in the middle of young people, especially college students, popular painting (also called hand-painted) canvas shoes, this personalized painting clothing is much loved by young people, one of the reasons is, it can fully show the young people, upward, love life, show the individuality of the self. Because of its handwork, it is more appreciative than the industrial machinery of print, because its painting is more artistic than the industrial design.Canvas Shoes

              One: The production process 1, pre-designed design, pencil on the cloth shoes to draw a draft, pay attention to the overall layout of the pattern, 2, with a brush to draw the edge of the pattern; 3. Paint colors on the pattern with waterproof pigments, the color can add a little water, do the depth of deployment; 4, according to the pattern painted different colors, but also to make the color layer cascade effect; 5, and then the edge, after the color, the pattern of the sideline again, there is a clear pattern. 6. Pattern shaping treatment. 7, put in a cool place, wait for natural air-dry or blow dry with a hair dryer can;Canvas Shoes

             Two: painted shoes commonly used pigments, painted shoes generally have 3 kinds of pigments can choose: 1: Acrylic paint drawing. 2: Textile Pigment 3: hand-painted paint.Canvas Shoes