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Rain Rubber Boots Take You Know The Use Of Rubber

Often referred to as natural rubber, is the natural latex collected from the Brazilian rubber tree, through solidification, drying and other processing processes made of elastic solids. Brazilian rubber tree originating in the Brazilian Amazon River Basin Mala western Region, hi-temperature, high humidity, static wind, fertile soil, has now been in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Latin America, more than 40 countries and regions, mainly planted in Southeast Asia. Natural rubber is a kind of natural macromolecule compound with poly isoprene as main component, its rubber hydrocarbon (poly isoprene) content is above 90%, also contains a small amount of protein, fatty acid, sugar content and ash.Rain Rubber Boots

China's plastic market rapid expansion, the overall slowdown in overseas market growth. Domestic supply growth is limited, the current high dependence on imports, self-sufficiency rate is only around 20%. The natural rubber import quantity increases yearly, the standard gum, the compound gum growth is prominent, the smoke film, the latex growth rate is relatively slow. As a sensitive product, the tariff drop is limited in the future for some time, and the compound glue becomes an important supplement.Rain Rubber Boots The change of the economic environment and the innovation of the financial instruments make the trade pattern of natural rubber evolve continuously, and the scale, level and mode of operation are also becoming more and more innovative, and it affects the rubber upstream and downstream and the industrial chain constantly.Rain Rubber Boots Traders operating groups are increasingly diverse, a large number of other industries and fields of funds into the rubber trade; The operation mode also from the simple price speculation, extended to arbitrage, financing, so that the financial attributes of rubber products further strengthened; the decision mechanism of rubber price is increasingly complex.Rain Rubber Boots

Consumer's use of rubber products relatively rigid, stable, there will be no significant fluctuations. Consumer habits, brand awareness, it is necessary to guide the rubber products manufacturers. The growth of rubber consumption is a long and steady process. The dependence on cars continues before humans invent new general-purpose vehicles. With the development of economy, the consumption of latex products and other rubber products is increasing rapidly.Rain Rubber Boots