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Related Information Of Indoor Slippers

The weather turned hot, Super city, stall on all kinds of cool slippers. Many cool drag added a few "convex point", on the big blow health function, some even marked the treatment position, so the value doubled. There are 10 kinds of slippers with massage function.Indoor Slippers 

There are all small bumps, there are planks, brown, wood inlaid jade, wood inlaid rubber point, some also directly marked the site corresponding to the body parts. However, such shoes are also not vague in value, compared with the same kind of shoes a double. In this respect, acupuncture said, in the purchase of such slippers should not be too sharp massage point or too prominent, people's feet have a lot of points, the normal massage is very good for the body, but if the massage is also very serious consequences.Indoor Slippers

Third, the soles are thicker. The heel of Slipper is preferably have 2 centimeters or so height, make the weight load to the foot arch each fulcrum to disperse, reduce the foot bow's withstanding pressure. Do not often wear flat bottom or no heel slippers, because the soles of these shoes are shorter, change the posture of the body, the foot will be caused by improper weight and discomfort.Indoor Slippers

You know what? A pair of slippers quality, directly related to people's health plans, so in the purchase of slippers, the following 3.1 must pay attention to: one to fit. Slippers too loose, walking will procrastinate, resulting in two feet of fatigue, slippers too tight, may squeeze the bones, resulting in foot discomfort. Two is light.Indoor Slippers 

The best choice is cloth slippers. Cloth slippers are light, soft, breathable and good. Size appropriate: Do not buy too tight shoes, especially the girl should buy big shoes, so as not to hold the shoes too full, give people a more bloated feeling. If it is a pointed shoe, the big toe should leave with the shoe head has 1 centimeters allowance Indoor Slippers