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Rubber Bonding Repair

Greater the polar rubber, bonding better. Nitrile polychloroprene polarity, adhesion strength natural rubber, silicone rubber and butyl rubber polarity, adhesion is weak. Other rubber surfaces tend to have free release agents or other additives, hampering effect-rubber adhesive manufacturer.

Adhesive for bonding rubber, specific methods into hot and cold sticking method.

Hot stick method is made of plasticating unvulcanized rubber and glued with rubber vulcanization after a gooey, its complicated, need for heating and pressurizing equipment, and difficult to use.

Cold sticking method is with a good adhesive, apply glued products, surfaces, air composite rear, curing at room temperature. Of course, appropriate heat to reduce curing time, improved bonding strength. Cold sticking method is simple, and saves energy, is well worthy of promotion methods.

Different kinds of rubber, the adhesive is also different, to pay attention to, and will not be used

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