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The Nursing Way Of The Rain Rubber Boots

Rain boots can also be used as vases, the different colors of the "vase" match looks both fun and fun ~ should become a very popular wedding shooting scene Oh. and beloved he also come to a walk in the rain, is not seem to have the sentiment, European lace umbrella added a hint of romance, as if the film picture as Beautiful.Rain Rubber Boots

Fashion Boot boots Cleaning tools use Method Maintenance method One: Special sheepskin nursing Brush Special Sheepskin nursing brush, also with sheepskin special wiping soft glue brush gently brush to the surface of dust beloved fashion rain boots get gratified maintenance, wear it out every day, boot body must dye a lot of dirty things, back home, take off it, Brush gently to the surface of the dust, can be down to the next, the order of the wipe, do not wear the cortex, for special dirty places can be wiped back and forth, and then wipe with sheepskin-specific scrub soft glue.Rain Rubber Boots

Light rain boots (such as stylish rain boots 5825 pink, stylish rain boots 5803 gray, fashion boots 5815 Blue), light (gray, pink, sky-blue, etc.) upper, if not a special stain, ordinary water + soft brush + natural dry instantly! Special stains please use transparent washing liquid + soft brush + natural dry. Dry for half an hour, stylish rain boots shoes after the shoe inside plug newspaper protection, from the shoe 15 centimeters evenly sprayed on the renewal agent. To truly realize our service concept of the train! Stylish rain boots wool boots will be washed very clean, even the soles of the woolen boots are clean.Rain Rubber Boots

Dark (chocolate, black, purple, etc.) Uppers: take care of the light Geshe method, but be careful not to use detergents that contain bleach ingredients. So on this cold winter day, can not let the fashion boots rain boots cleaning, maintenance problems hinder the pace of our fashion. Note the main treatment of the copper wire surface of the heavier stains and polished parts. Another way is to use the machine to wash the wool boots, can use the drum washing machine to wash the wool boots, can wash about seven or eight pairs of wool boots. The purpose of the spray-renewal agent is to complement each other.Rain Rubber Boots