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Vulcanized Shoes Foreman Packing

It is the process method of heating, pressurizing and vulcanization in the autoclave after gluing the outsole, along the strip and the top of the first-class film with the upper. The outer end of the process is divided into a die-free (calendering) molding and molding. Because the process is relatively rough, not easy to control quality, usually can only produce low-grade products.Vulcanized shoes 

In recent years, due to the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, product grade has been greatly improved. Because of the comfort and economy of vulcanized shoes, high efficiency and low cost at the end of the production, this process is still used in the production of cloth shoes and rubber shoes as well as leather shoes.Vulcanized shoes

Vulcanization Shoe Assembly Process Description: The assembly process of vulcanized shoes is basically manual operation, the use of simple tools and tooling, the main shoe equipment is the shoe vulcanizing tank. pressure, temperature and time are three important conditions for vulcanized shoes. Pressure in the autoclave, vulcanization time. Vulcanization shoe can be removed when vulcanizing shoe is formed and is in the condition of no pressure in the vulcanization tank. Vulcanized Shoes of the rubber processing equipment and molded shoe plastic processing equipment is basically the same, mainly have the former help machine, cutting machine, mixer, open refining machine, press base machine, cutting machine.Vulcanized shoes

In the vulcanization, the vulcanization car will be pushed into the shoe with a vulcanizing tank, in its confined space through steam heating, heat preservation, compressed air boost, holding pressure vulcanization process, the outsole and other raw film that vulcanization molding and with the upper bonding as a whole. Vulcanized shoes with simple structure but rough process, no molding but easily deformed, in the production of high efficiency, low cost, wearing a lightweight comfortable, economical and durable characteristics. Vulcanized shoes in leather products although has been gradually phased out, but in cloth shoes and other products still mass production.Vulcanized shoes