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What Does Silicone Rubber

In many types of synthetic rubber, silicone rubber is the best. It is odorless toxic, not afraid of high temperatures and resist the depth of features, at 300 degrees Celsius and lingxiajiushisheshidu, "stride", "without", and still serve their original strength and flexibility. Silicone has outstanding electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen aging resistance, aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability, and so on. Because of these excellent features, making silicone rubber play an important effect in modern medicine extensively. Over the years, work by hospitals, research institutes and factories, silicone rubber products, manufactured a wide variety of medical silicone rubber products-rubber manufacturer.

Ear plug: wear comfortable, excellent isolating noise and maintain the eardrum.

Rubber head attracts: the operation is simple, the use of security, according to the fetal head size variant, fetal scalp don't get sucked up while attracting to prevent hematoma of scalp and brain damage and other ills, can greatly alleviate the pain of childbirth when pregnant mothers in labor.

Silicone rubber artificial blood vessels: particular physiology, can do it and "close", the human body also does not exclude it, after a time, stability is outstanding arrangement combined with the human body.

Silicone repair of tympanic membrane: thin, soft, smooth finish and patience is outstanding. Is the repair eardrum vision information and simple operation, good effect.